Cosmetics – How Makeup and Skin Care Can Make You More Successful?

Why should we be particular about our skin? What is the first thing you look at when you meet someone? Their face, of course! In fact sociologists have discovered that when we speak to someone, our attention is mostly focused on their face. Therefore, why not place the most of our “looking pretty” efforts on skin care and appearance? The good looking tend to have greater advantages. They reflect more confidence in themselves, are more outgoing and tend to be more successful. Society as whole puts an emphasis on beauty. More than the clothes we wear, or the car we drive, people tend to rate us more by facial appearance. Studies have shown that criminals who are concerned about their appearance receive lighter sentences. Even how much money people earn may be directly related to their complexion and grooming. Any wonder then, why movie stars are so concerned about their appearance and go to such great lengths to prolong their youthful appearance? A clear healthy complexion is not only attractive, but it builds good self esteem. What could, therefore, be more important for overall self esteem, happiness, and success than doing everything we can to help the skin look as attractive as it possibly can?

How our complexion affects us emotionally?

Yes, when we care and feel good about our complexion, we are on the stepping stones of success. If average self esteem is what gets us to wake up from the bed each morning, then high self esteem gives us motivation to accomplish something greater and impels us to go for the gusto. Consider this, how do you feel during a day when you feel less attractive because you did not wash your face or apply makeup? Did you feel like seeing anyone, especially the people who you know? Furthermore, consider this, as we age, what is the first area of your body that we usually would like to see improvement? Our face! A healthy complexion can be one of our greatest assets or possibly our biggest shortcomings. Of course we can not look young forever, but small things that we do as we are young can prolong a youthful appearance. However if we practice bad habits when we are young, it will be next to impossible to reverse any major damages. We can liken this to waking up early in the morning. When we do so we have a huge advantage in getting things accomplished if we continue to be productive. However, if we wake up late in the afternoon, all day long we will be playing catch up. Do you see the advantages of starting a good regimen of skin care when we are young? Reversing the clock at an advanced age is much more difficult and next to impossible.

Organic cosmetics, lipsticks and mascara?

Making sure that lipsticks and mascara are made from natural organic ingredients is of the utmost importance! Why? Think of how many times you lick your lips, or what happens when you eat something while you are wearing lipstick? Of course, you are ingesting it! If they contain harmful chemicals such as lead, you are contaminating your body. Also mascara can affect the body detrimentally. The eyes are another doorway to the body by which chemicals find an easy entry. Every time you blink or when tears mix in with the mascara, you may be introducing chemicals into your body. After a while, your body may not be able to ward off these foreign substances, and your eyes will become sensitive, red and watery. These are the first indications that we should begin searching for a good, natural mascara.