Dealing With Cancer, Here Is a Much Better Solution

If you are dealing with cancer the easiest way to treat it is to place yourself in your physician’s hands and hope for the best outcome, but the best way is to educate yourself and start taking responsibility for your own health. Cancer is not a complex disease and there are simple solutions to solving the problem. It certainly doesn’t need toxic treatments.

Cancer doesn’t just happen; it’s the result of something you did so it makes sense it can be corrected too. Any cancer, no matter where it appears in the body has appeared because of a reason and the only way to overcome it, so it doesn’t come back is to identify this reason and remove it and allow the body to heal which it will do. We tend to forget that the human body has a built in repair system called the immune system and the reasons we get cancer is because this system had been weakened, so doesn’t it make sense to strengthen the immune system and allow the body to heal.

Your immune system is an amazing mechanism more complex than your circularly system that protects you against viruses, bacteria, toxins and parasites. It’s a system that you know is working when every cut gets sealed or any bone you may break mends. It works automatically so why not use it to help the body overcome cancer.

Why doesn’t your doctor have this knowledge? Unfortunately they are only taught by a system that teaches them the only way to treat the problem is with drugs and other toxic treatments which are all money orientated. So what we see today is harsh treatments which further weakens this immune system and only worsens the condition which lead to the cancer in the first place. Although cancer is much easier to prevent than to cure once it has taken hold, all cancers are never less reversible.

Because the main reason why anybody gets cancer is related to our diet, the first and the most important change one has to make is with the food they eat. Our natural food that nourishes us and keeps us healthy is freshly grown fruit and vegetables but now days with so much processed food and foods of convenience our diets have changed. Other changes which are also necessary are to respect the laws of Mother Nature and live as we are supposed to because it’s a violation of our natural laws with our modern way of living that is causing so much of the disease.

To become cancer free it is necessary to adhere to the 7 necessities of life and they are; fresh air, clean water, a sensible amount of sunshine which is important, a little exercise, adequate rest, a diet of mainly our natural food and hopefully a happy heart. By respecting our natural laws the human body can heal itself of cancer and accomplish what no doctor, surgeon or oncologist could ever hope to achieve.

Also it’s important to realise that cancer is a disease of the whole body and not just where the growths appeared. They appeared because of a condition within the body but by just removing the growths, that hasn’t removed the condition that first caused these growths. By making lifestyle changes you are strengthening the immune system and addressing this condition and it is this repair system that will remove the cancer safely and quickly. It works with all cancers and works for everyone.

No sense in waiting for research to find a cure for cancer because we’ve already poured billions of dollars into it with negligible results. It’s only by respecting our genetic heritage and living, eating and drinking the way we were designed to do that someone can overcome cancer. A pill or a vaccine to save is never going to happen.

A genuine cure for cancer has to come from within the body and not from someone applying a chemical or radiation treatment from outside the body. That is common sense.