Bend Over? Surprise! Diet Gurus Are Screwing Overeaters and Food Addicts

If you suffer from overeating or food addiction, yet another diet is not what you need. Go figure! If the truth be told, we now know that only 1 out of about 6 Americans who diet actually lose weight and keep it off. Chances are, you’re not one of them.(1)

Neither was I.

For years I struggled with my weight. I would diet, lose weight, put it back on and then put some more on. Kind of like you I suspect…

No, the answer is not in finding the perfect diet. It does not exist.

That of course is contrary to what the so-called “diet gurus” are going to tell you…

Now I don’t care how many qualifications that Nutritionist has, or how many years’ experience that Dietician has – if they seek to address your overweight problem with a diet only, well let me be frank and advise you to toss their advice.

Take it from one who’s been there.

Because a food addict or overeater’s problem is not with the food they eat; it’s what’s eating them. And food addiction is a powerful addiction comparable to drug addiction. Food addiction or overeating starts as a coping mechanism and ends in a habit that will destroy you if you don’t address it at the root of the problem. And the root of the problem is how you relate to food, not the actual food itself.

It’s a spiritual, emotional and physical issue, but the diet guru’s address only the physical aspect. Or most of them anyway. Let’s just get this out the way: there are of course the occasional diet guru who understands the problem exactly, but they are really very few and far between.

The diet industry is a booming one. It’s listed as one of the top money makers in the world. And the diet industry – surprise, surprise – wants to keep you fat, unhealthy and unhappy. Why? Because the longer you are desperate to get thin, the longer they intend to screw you to make money off of you. The more desperate you become, the more you are going to try their slimming products, their books and their supplements. All of which you pay for. And the diet industry benefits.

So now what? If you’re a food addict or overeater, the first step to take is to understand what that means. The second step is to understand what made you put on weight in the first place, and why you keep turning to food for fulfilment. And then you need to start breaking the overeating and food addiction habit.